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    Distinguishing Between Y, Z, and Alpha: An Updated Look at the Youngest Generations

    Just as we were getting used to Gen-Y, Gen-Z is already entering the workforce and Gen-Alpha is not far behind. What defines the youngest generations and how will they impact the workplace? We compare the characteristics of Gen-Y’s and -Z’s …

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    Giving Nature of Generations

    My little sister, at the young age of 18, decided to defer starting her BSW for a year to go spend 8 months volunteering with children in Ghana, India, and Vietnam. I was blown away when she first told me …

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    3 Steps for Assertive Communication

    Assertiveness. The ability to express yourself in an appropriately honest manner, defining your expectations in terms of ability, potential, resources, and timelines to set healthy personal boundaries. Being assertive is a quality held by all top leaders. It promotes productivity, …

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