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    Witz Inventory Sale

    We are selling some of our equipment! There is a limited quantity so be sure to purchase yours today by contacting Jared Kligerman¬†either by phone at 416-444-9480 x2227 or email at jared@witzeducation.com. You must be available to pickup your purchase. …

  • performance_coaching

    3 Tips for Performance Coaching

    The business world is changing. Team members are not looking for bosses, but leaders. This holds particularly true for Millennials, who want to be coached in the workplace. With the right guidance, they will preform beyond expectations. The challenge is …

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    Don’t be discouraged: Overcome your doubts

    Growing up, Gen-Y’s were told that if they went to university/college and got the degree they would get a job. This in turn would lead to buying a house and starting a family. Unfortunately this has not been the case. …

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