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  • scrabble

    3 Steps for Assertive Communication

    Assertiveness. The ability to express yourself in an appropriately honest manner, defining your expectations in terms of ability, potential, resources, and timelines to set healthy personal boundaries. Being assertive is a quality held by all top leaders. It promotes productivity, …

  • screen-shot-2013-09-28-at-2-47-09-pm

    Creating Client Cold-Call Lead Lists

    The hardest part of business is finding new clients. Most of us start out by asking our friends and family. The frequency of inbound calls is influenced by a number of factors and may go through peaks and valleys. Referrals …

  • performance_coaching

    3 Tips for Performance Coaching

    The business world is changing. Team members are not looking for bosses, but leaders. This holds particularly true for Millennials, who want to be coached in the workplace. With the right guidance, they will preform beyond expectations. The challenge is …

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