5 Principles of smartLEADERSHIP

#1 Sell possibility, not product
Transform your relationships with your colleagues and your clients, enrolling them in what’s possible to create impossible results. 

#2 Be a human among human beings
Technology be darned… humans are still the single most important factor in any company’s success. Humans, in relationship with other humans, have the unique ability to manifest new possibilities and unprecedented results. Said another way, when we enrol those we work with, our whole world works.

#3 Don’t manage… and you’ll manage to lead
Leadership is no longer about management and oversight, tactics and procedures. An inside-out understanding of human nature is crucial to inspiring human performance. Set the stage for your talented team players to shine and the show will earn standing ovations… and exceed expectations. They’ll line up for tickets; you’ll meet targets.

#4 Validate emotions; don’t be them
We can have our emotions and our results too. Learning to validate our own and our team members’ emotions allows us to engage with a diverse personality spectrum effectively and productively. Acknowledging emotions without acting out of emotion allows us to chart a skillful and mindful course of (inter)action towards our goal. 

#5 Evolve
Whether you’re an old dog or a new trick, smartLEADER is an intense practice that trains your ability to produce results every day – in collaboration, communication and community with others.

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