smartSESSIONS: Coaching for performance excellence

We expect our teams to excel in their roles. As leaders, we provide procedure and process to support them in this capacity. However, we often overlook the most fundamental aspect of leading: the human executing the tasks! Beyond simply addressing performance metrics, leaders must be conscious of managing the expectations and emotional dynamics of their team members. 

Our teams are confronted with experiences daily that cause a heightened emotional response, whether it be positive, such as closing the big deal, or negative, such as losing a client. In both cases, coaching provides an opportunity for leaders to work with their teams to effectively manage these emotions to remain objective and productive. Coaching also provides opportunities to sustain behaviour change, address challenges, and enhance engagement.

This session provides fundamental coaching skills that will allow any leader to more effectively motivate and connect with their team, which ultimately leads to higher performance and productivity.

What you will walk away with:

  • The tools to create sustained behaviour change
  • A coaching process that promotes ownership and accountability
  • Understanding how to adjust your approach for an effective session
  • The do’s and don’s of performance coaching

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