Money Hour

Spend an hour with your finances and reap the rewards

We’re all grown-ups here. But when it comes to our finances, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anything-but-adult.

It’s a New Year and spending an hour on your finances now can set you up for a great year of responsible money management ahead. Seriously, these three simple steps will take no longer than an hour and will help you keep a handle on your money through 2018. We’ve even thrown in a bonus step for over-achievers.

    1. Order your free credit report. Credit reports… we’ve all heard of them and some of us have been victims of them, but do we even know what they are – or how to improve them? The first step is knowing where you stand. Get your free credit reports from TransUnion and Equifax and get to know yourself better, financially. 
    2. Get a money management app. Hands-down the easiest and fastest way to understanding your spending patterns, pay bills on time and build a budget. We love Mint, but you can also use a similar app provided by your bank, or check out DAILY WORTH’s roundup of budgeting and spending tracker apps.
    3. Get organized. Take a trip to your local office store and buy yourself an agenda, a notebook (we love Moleskine) and an accordion file folder with at least 12 compartments. You can label the compartments by month and store your bank account and credit card statements, bills and receipts. Keep separate compartments for health and housing expenses (utilities, etc.). 
    4. Get accountability. OK, this is a bonus step. And it also has the best rate of return on investment. You know how when you put something in your calendar it’s more likely to get done? Executive coaching works the same way. By having a coach on the other end of the line, you are 100% more accountable to achieve the results you want in your career and personal life. If you – like most of us – do your best work when you’re answering to someone or something (think a client or a deadline), you’ll benefit from having a coach in your corner. Schedule your free initial consultation now.


Our coaching clients are elite executives representing a wide range of industries, from government to marketing, real estate to finance, and everything in between. Our clients engage in ongoing coaching relationships with us that catalyze their professional (and personal!) achievement and take advantage of our situational coaching to resolve dilemmas as to how to move forward in difficult situations, in real time. Learn more here.

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