One Powerful Mind

One Powerful MindEvery day, every one of us is confronted with emotional issues, dilemmas, and obstacles. Our ability to┬áhandle these challenges is crucial to our personal and professional happiness. In this groundbreaking new book, Paul Witz offers a proven system for achieving and sustaining emotional wellness. Based on his enormously successful Personal Development Institute program, used by major corporations worldwide, One Powerful Mind gives readers a concrete program for life-enhancing change. Witz offers readers a powerful, systematic approach to understanding their personal issues, and adjusting their behavior. Learn why the survival motive can interfere with our behavior in the modern world; and how we can be both helped and damaged by the “cavebrain” and “computerbrain” that coexist uneasily within us. Understand the link between stress and the desire for self-improvement; learn how to stabilize your self-perception, and discover your personal path to emotional independence. From enhancing your time management to improving your family relationships, Witz presents seven steps that can help you communicate better, become more effective, and build a life with greater fulfillment and happiness.

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