Our Founder

Picture-Paul-Smiling076Paul Witz (1952-2012)

Paul Witz, founder of Witz Training in 1984 (now Witz Education) and co-developer of the Company’s breakthrough programs for behavioral change, lost his battle with cancer in February 2012. He leaves a legacy of proven, powerful training programs that have created and contributed to the development of high performance corporate cultures in thousands of companies worldwide…corporate cultures in which limiting or nonproductive patterns are eliminated, strategic thinking is generated, core competencies are perfected and committed actions are taken to produce consistent results.

A graduate of the Adult Training and Development program at the University of Toronto, Paul was one of North America’s most sought after experts in adult leadership and management training. He was consistently recognized for his unique approach to training that focused on a powerful phased learning approach for superior skills retention.

In addition to being a popular keynote speaker and TV personality, Paul authored the best selling book One Powerful Mind and the very successful series Take Control.

Paul leaves his wife Marion and three children – Greg, Margot and Peter. A loving husband and passionate father, Paul’s creativity extended well beyond the innovative training programs that he developed at Witz Training. Paul’s photographic, art and woodworking creativity remain on display throughout the city of Toronto.