Our Story

What allows powerful organizations to rise to the top and remain there?

Put simply – it’s their people. In a business environment characterized by accelerating change and global competition, the need for high performing teams has never been greater. Today’s senior executives and managers find themselves engaged in a continuous struggle to keep their people motivated and performing at a level that enhances the organization. Your competition can copy your products and service – but they cannot copy your people.

For over 30 years, Witz Education has been supporting organizations worldwide to achieve their goals. Our behavioural psychology inspired approach brings a customized suite of learning tools, concepts and solutions to bear on a wide range of organizational issues, ranging from poor customer service to lagging sales; attrition to productivity challenges. By creating lasting and sustainable changes in the people on your team, we create breakthroughs in leadership, communication, organizational culture and engagement.

Our Multi Rater Personality Inventory is our foundational tool designed to accelerate performance through optimizing each team member’s competencies. It measures communication styles, self management, stress responses, assertiveness, emotional reactions and outward vs inward expression to get to the root cause of behavioural patters.

Using the predictive index, team members develop insight into their emotional dynamics and actions, and show critical improvement. At the same time, leaders develop their abilities to ensure accountability while maintaining a collaborative atmosphere.

We look forward to the opportunity to share our proven programs with your team to help you surpass your goals.


Why Witz Education?

Our programs have three critical differentiators.

First, all of our training programs are initiated from the perspective of behavioural psychology.

Concepts and tools from behavioural psychology have been adapted to meet the realities of the modern day workforce, particularly relevant in organizations where a need exists to move from a transactional model to a relational model. The resulting shift is profound and the benefits derived impact positively on all key human resource areas which are the necessary precursors to positive customer experiences.

Second, our L.E.A.R.N. methodology enhances human performance and intellectual capital through experiential learning, a cornerstone of effective adult education, to promote retention, sustainability, and change. Experiential learning allows people to see how what they are being taught applies in their lives. Starting with our MRPI Assessment (discussed in the next section), we create an environment where participants feel safe to examine their behaviors, gain insight into their drivers, and reflect on the impact they have on others. This self-discovery experience is the crucial piece that allows for behavior and attitude change. Once participants are aware of their behaviors and are open to growth will the leadership approaches and theories taught resonate with them and achieve the desired impact. Throughout the program, we actively encourage participants to apply what they have learned through role-plays and case scenarios to promote comfort in utilizing the lessons back in their roles.

Our third differentiator is our facilitators. Each facilitator brings considerable business experience to the skill set they present as they are actively involved in their own practices and clients when not involved at Witz.

To further ensure the purity of the L.E.A.R.N. process, each facilitator completes formal and field practicums in both norm- and individual-referenced assessment, qualitative evaluation, learning styles, facilitation and lecture styles, and the unique nature of adult as learner. Then, each is formally trained in the specific cognitively guided instruction principles and techniques that form the foundation of each Witz Education program.

Supporting Your Success

At Witz we go far beyond the classroom to support you in solidifying your new skills. If you need a refresher and want to relearn a concept, we invite you to ‘free-peat’ your Witz Education course at one of the public sessions within 24 months of completion at no cost.


Fall-Back Company Assurance

Turnover happens…and we understand that. If any of your employees leave your organization within one year of completing any Witz Course, we will train their replacement at 50% off of our published fee.