Jadine Cleary

Jadine, long standing facilitator & coach has officially joined full time as the VP of Relationships & Learning at Witz Education.  Formerly a National Team Synchronized Swimming coach, Jadine has coached athletes to medals at three World Championships, and at the Olympic Games. Not a typical trainer, Jadine’s unique background in sports psychology makes her an exceptional coach. She works with elite executives to achieve mastery in leadership, management and communication, so they in turn can lead their business teams to success.

Jadine’s background in sport informs her strategic ability to map out a “game plan” broken down into actions leading clients to their goals. With the objective eyes of a coach, she helps clients utilize their strengths and train their areas of weakness. Creating an effective feedback loop, she delves deep, focusing on the win and the productive and efficient expenditure of energy. Creating the pathway for her clients to triumph in areas that are important to them and their business, Jadine is a perfect match for the entrepreneurial spirit that feeds off growth and accomplishment.

Jadine has worked with executives in the U.S. government and Washington D.C. since 2013, alongside her work in government, she coaches a number of Senior Executives, Directors and CEOs representing a wide variety of industries.