Lisa Moricz

Starting her career in the building and construction supply industry during the 80’s, Lisa’s specialty was in customer service and account management. Since then her experience and expertise in the manufacturing, distribution, retail and wholesale sectors was focused on leadership and development of her teams, during the exponential economic growth period of Australia. Lisa developed her leadership and management skills early in her career through accountability of sales and service teams nationally, with the responsibility for training and development of her teams.

For the past 5 years, Lisa has been a director in a management consulting firm in Australia, where she specialized in coaching and mentoring senior and mid-level executives and implemented a highly effective Customer Service Excellence and Emerging Leaders programs nationally to various industries.

Lisa moved to Canada to join the Witz team, where she brings her strengths in performance management, staffing, employee development, cultural change & succession planning within existing & Greenfield business environments.

Lisa holds a Six Sigma & Human Synergistic designation.