Setting yourself up for 2018 starts NOW!

By Jadine Cleary

Be the person, company, leader that gets it done before Christmas

As December gets busy and people become fatigued, there is a tendency to push deadlines, projects and decisions until the New Year

This is always baffling to me, because January is always an INSANE month.  As we juggle new projects and new targets.  Therefore, the last thing you need is to be still wrapping up things from 2017….

We want to start FRESH in 2018.

So – how amongst an already busy schedule do you push thru and push to be on top as you ride out 2017??

  • Dec 15 is a HARD deadline.

What can you finish before this date?

Set your priorities and schedule how you will achieve them.  If you need sign off or approval on anything specific, get the info to those individuals prior to Nov 30th, latest Dec 5.

  • Schedule in white space.

As you begin to get busy with social activities (fun and assigned) ensure you leave white space in your calendar for what may drop, and so you don’t feel you are living at speed.  It is impossible to live at depth when you are living at speed. Drive your schedule where possible and block out that whitespace.

  • Live your priorities. Internal conflict comes when you aren’t living your values. As an example, I value time with my children above all else. This means (unless necessary for work) I will turn down an invitation to a social event on an evening when I have my kids.  This may put stress on some friendships, however not as much strain as it is on me if I didn’t honour my priorities.  And the way I live my values needs to be supported by my schedule.  There are many things in life we need to do – for work and family.  Exercise the control you have over the events you can.  We have more control than we recognize and exercise.

Want to get a leg up into 2018 by starting ahead of your competition?  Book a consultation with one of our expert coaches.  We help you see with clarity what needs to be done and support you in strategically ensuring it happens.  Let’s get started before Dec 15!


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