“All in, all the time.” It’s a Navy SEAL dictum and it’s just as relevant to today’s business leaders as the most elite of military forces. What does it take to lead when the stakes are high? How do you recreate yourself in the face of challenges, get comfortable with discomfort and engender a sense of purpose in the team that will – quite literally – keep you all afloat?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an executive, an emerging or a seasoned leader, your mental stamina and emotional fortitude are the difference between winning and losing the battle (sometimes against your own inner voice yelling, “I don’t want to!”)

Those who are accepted into our smartEXECUTIVE program have two things in common: they have a high level of responsibility and an even higher level of desire to achieve. They voluntarily enter our leadership pressure cooker, a rigorous 2.5-month program that delves deep into human behavior theory and practice. They emerge focused, strategic and strengthened, confident in their own power to persevere. Just as change is a constant in the world of business, so is learning. Witz smartEXECUTIVE elite business training inoculates you against mediocrity and equips you to generate the motivation and shared vision required to lead and to learn… all in, all the time.

Develop beyond leadership. Apply today.


Our Curriculum

Design your FUTURE

You can’t choose who you lead, but your teammates can choose whose leadership they’ll embrace. In the smartEXECUTIVE program, you’ll learn and take your turn with tools that’ll allow you to engage with a diverse array of personalities.

  • Solve complicated scenarios with simplicity;
  • Prepare to win… and be prepared for contingencies;
  • Focus very clearly your and others’ objectives and expectations;
  • Develop a shared purpose, propel and be propelled by your team towards it;
  • Be a rare and esteemed ethical leader;
  • Stay calm, even as you take risks with incomplete information;
  • Relish the hard times and get comfortable with discomfort;
  • Ambush the competition;
  • Be a master of adaptation, equally adept in airports, boardrooms, jungles, deserts, you get the picture;
  • Handle competing priorities and pressures;
  • And react as a unified team when the bullets start to fly.

The net result?

You’ll have the neuro-flexibility to stay nimble in a world of constant change. You’ll make decisions you can stand by, quickly and decisively. You’ll think in terms of solutions, not problems. You’ll create a collaborative culture, lead a team you – and they – are happy to be on. You’ll bounce forward, not back, with a renewed sense of motivation and clarity.

What should you expect?

You’ll spend five days in our leadership “pressure cooker”, delving into human behaviour theory and practice. We begin with an exploration of self and layer in tools for effective communication, emotional bridge-building, engagement and mentorship.

smartEXECUTIVE relies on “getting to work” not just during sessions but also between them in order to make the most effective use of the tools. You’ll be supported by one of our talented facilitators with four 30-minute coaching sessions to keep the work alive as you practice the skills you have learned.

You’ll be challenged to do your best work inside and outside of the office, becoming a leader and a mentor through a daily practice that goes beyond management, using enrolment and possibility to create unprecedented results.


Day 1 – Learning About Self & How Others Perceive You

  • Who are you?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of your communication style?
  • The foundation of the interactive process – rules for effective communication
  • Constructing what to say –how, when, where and why
  • Objectives – zeroing in on the outcomes you want
  • Don’t get hooked! Avoiding communication traps
  • Approaches that work for a variety of personalities

Day 2 – Human Interaction

  • Be a human among humans
  • 360 view of your communication style, including your blind spots
  • Create an inspiring new possibility for yourself and your business against the backdrop of real organizational challenges
  • Stop manufacturing meaning: what is said vs what is meant
  • Feedback they can swallow, and a healthy dose of motivation, recognition and reward
  • Shaping and influencing focused outcomes
  • A fresh, solution-based approach to recurring problems
  • The power of strategy – facing challenging like a champ
  • Transitioning from strategy to competent application
  • Put theory to practice – real plays

Day 3 – The Art & Science of Emotional Management

  • Using empathy to demonstrate understanding
  • Managing your reactions to avoid unfavourable outcomes
  • Incorporating templates for responding effectively to emotions
  • Building confidence, enthusiasm and motivation in others
  • Build emotional bridges – reach within yourself to effectively reach others
  • Put theory to practice – real plays

Day 4 – Advancing Outcomes Through Assertiveness

  • Get what you want in relationships
  • Implement step-by-step approaches to assertiveness
  • Understanding the differences between aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Remove the anxiety from challenging interactions
  • Walking the fine line between leadership and management
  • Identify practical approaches to engage your teams
  • How to respond effectively to the range of reactions you may face
  • Understanding new approaches to conflict management
  • What you risk reveals what you value
  • Put theory to practice – real plays

Day 5 – Lead On

  • Are you still awake? Intention and retention
  • Design your leadership future
  • Level up from manager to mentor
  • Communication approaches for coaching, mentoring, delegating and problem solving
  • Discover the power of NEXT! and learn to view breakdowns as the source of breakthroughs
  • Transform your relationships with your colleagues and your clients, selling possibility instead of product
  • Put theory to practice – real plays