smartLEADER: Advanced

SmartLEADER is an advanced leadership course that delivers more than just leadership skills. It develops one’s ability to adjust to changing circumstances and produce original solutions that drive a successful culture. This is the performance skill set every leader needs to master, regardless of industry.  

During the smartLEADER program, we explore the past to understand how traditional leadership styles influenced the workplace and highlight the benefits they bring. We also define expectations held by the younger generations, gaining insight into the generational conflict that currently exists and define how to adjust your leadership style to be an effective leader now and in the future. Leadership excellence is about your people. Discover how you can influence, create and maintain a collaborative atmosphere and ensure accountability through leadership approaches that provide breakthroughs in organizational development. 

Let’s face it, the world has changed in a big way and business has changed with it. Gone are the days of corporate ladders, yearly performance reviews, and a hard day’s work is a hard day’s pay. Welcome to the world of cell phones, social media, young geniuses, and teleworking. Baby Boomers are on the way out and Gen X and Y are coming full force to lead our companies, our governments, and our world. It’s a very new game and it’s time to get in it or risk freezing into the dark ages on the sidelines.  


Although not required, we highly recommend completing smartMANAGER prior to taking this course.


Day 1 – Leadership Redefined

  • Defining bad leadership and how it effects our teams
  • Understanding the 6 key Leadership Styles
  • Traditional leadership vs today’s leadership
  • Understanding the different generations and how to engage them
  • Building an approach for each individual
  • Connecting the message to the person
  • Defining Readiness Level
  • Teaching, Engaging, and Driving performance (T.E.D.)

Day 2 – Teaching, Engaging, & Driving Performance Through Active Leadership

  • Matching Leadership Styles with Readiness Levels
  • Triangle of driven leadership
  • Removing the myths of coaching
  • Creating a mutual coaching relationship
  • Three steps for coaching high performance
  • What does the coaching process look like?
  • Role playing & case scenarios


I can honestly say out of all the training I have had in my career- Witz Education’s stands out the best. So much in fact that I can remember my instructor’s name- this speaks volumes. I can recall some of the courses I have taken, but none of the instructors names. I also remember the skills taught,most prominently communication, which had helped me both personally and professionally.

Jessica Swank @ Havi Global Solutions

“Looking at the courses from a perspective of years, I see how much I’ve benefited from the programs. It’s really injected me with more confidence when dealing with difficult people.”

Miroslaw Kowalski @ Swissport