In today’s fast-paced global business environment, organizations have focused on developing the tactical and procedural tasks necessary for growth. In an effort to achieve this, leaders have overlooked the most fundamental aspect to organizational success: the human element. Whether it is motivating internal teams or courting a new client, business today is done through developing relationships.

The demand for managers to be much more than overseers of functionality is apparent in all organizations. Additionally, it has been established that managers must become true experts in understanding human behaviour in order to quantify measurable improvements in performance management. This is the key to maximize the talent you have in your charge in order to reach and exceed expected targets.

smartMANAGER utilizes an advanced change management approach centred on providing a sustainable professional leadership framework that has taken over 30 years to fine-tune. Through this program, participants are equipped with the tools required to engage a diverse array of personalities through a strategic process that allows for clear communication and understanding. They will learn how to listen for emotional cues that allow them to build rapport and how to effectively manage situations that involve heightened emotion, both positive and negative, from conflict to success. This is a skill that translates into ownership of decisions and promotes solution-based thinking that ultimately results in the creation of a collaborative culture.

Regardless of how long you have been in a management position, smartMANAGER elevates your unique abilities to obtain results in a sustained, reliable manner by enriching your leadership process through communication, resulting in managing your direct reports in a  collaborative, proficient manner.  


Day 1 – Learning About Self & How Others Perceive You

  • Discovering who you are – the benefits and disadvantages of your communication style
  • The foundation of the interactive process – the rules that create effective communication
  • Constructing what to say – the how, when, where & why
  • Objectives – how to zero in on getting the outcomes you want
  • Avoiding typical and complex communication traps that hook you
  • The correct way to approach a variety of personalities

Day 2 – The Correct Way to Plan Your Interactions With Others

  • Explore the blind spots and defaults of your communication style
  • Shaping and influencing focused outcomes
  • A fresh solution-based approach to recurring problems
  • The power of strategy – ways to navigate through challenging managerial issues
  • Reading the right signs – what is said and what is meant
  • Transitioning from strategy to competent application
  • Providing feedback – how to motivate, recognize & reward
  • Applying the techniques – real plays

Day 3 – Manage Reactions & Learning How to Make Emotional Decisions

  • Managing your reactions to avoid unfavourable outcomes
  • Using empathy to demonstrate understanding
  • Evolving from spontaneous reactions to controlled interactions
  • Going beyond emotions – a logical approach to finding solutions
  • Incorporating templates for responding effectively to emotions
  • Truly successful strategies that build emotional bridges – reaching within yourself
  • Building confidence, enthusiasm and motivation in others
  • Applying the techniques – real plays

Day 4 – Advancing Outcomes Through Assertiveness

  • Implement step-by-step approaches to assertiveness 
  • Understanding the differences between aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Remove the anxiety from challenging interactions 
  • Walking the fine line between leadership and management 
  • Identify practical approaches to engage your teams 
  • How to respond effectively to the range of reactions you face
  • Improved understanding of and approach to conflict management.
  • Applying the techniques – real plays

Day 5 – Mastery Day

  • Retention Retention Retention
  • Creating your leadership future
  • Communication approaches for coaching, mentoring, delegating and problem solving.
  • Recognizing communication roadblocks and selecting focused steps to eliminate them.
  • Transforming knowledge into leadership
  • Applying the techniques – real plays

“The communication process taught in this program has become the foundation for interacting throughout Nissan Canada Inc. As a result, we at Nissan continue to meet our corporate objectives, especially in the area of communications.”

Diane Greathead @ Nissan Canada Inc.

“smartMANAGER helped me recognize the individuality of my staff, regardless of the generation, and gave me tools to coach and inspire my team to be passionate about their work and work as a team. Witz gave me the tools I needed to lead my team to success.”

Lorna Coutoulas @ Southlake Regional Health Centre