We all have the extraordinary potential to transform ourselves. High performance can only be achieved when you optimize the skills already learned. The challenge is in identifying where to improve and what you should be doing to correct an action.

smartREFRESHER provides a succinct reminder of what to do. It optimizes the skills learned in our programs, whether that be smartMANAGER or a custom delivery, and exposes the learner to better, faster ways of achieving desired outcomes. SmartREFRESHER is an ideal choice because it helps maintain the high standard expected from your management team.


Creating Impactful Dialogue

SmartREFRESHER starts your day with the core message ‘choice.’ The model is simple;  by choosing the appropriate structure you can manage almost every interaction. You experience an immediate improvement as you quickly recall the strategies for creating the right dialogue—this time with greater impact.  We complete your exploration into the interactive process by adjusting your own communication style to ensure direct, effective, and motivated outcomes.


Adapting to Unique Circumstances & Change

Change itself cannot be managed as it stems from external stimuli that we often have no control over. What can be managed is the transition, addressing the emotional needs and concerns of team members. By doing so we increase buy-in and acceptance of the change, which results in both increased performance and motivation. You will learn about the change process and how it impacts others. We will explore common road blocks to a successful transition and examine how to adjust our approach to achieve our desired outcomes.


Adjusting Attitudes & Interacting with Challenging Personalities

You will quickly discover how to alter any restrictive practices that may have slipped back into your style of communicating with others.  Old ingrained attitudes quickly intrude but you will discover how to effectively correct these. We then turn to interacting with challenging personalities, identifying their underlying needs and examining how to achieve success by understanding how to apply previously learned skills to these unique individuals.


Tackling Current Challenges

Now it’s time to introduce the real issues.  Using scenarios identified by you or your management prior to the program, we will investigate, identify multiple approaches, and create action plans.  Through role-plays, you will re-discover your blind-spots and gain, firsthand, a profound sense of understanding how to use the skills.