The buying and selling cycle and methodologies used have changed completely over the last century and with them the role of the salesperson. No longer are we able to differentiate ourselves on price as educated consumers see through old-school sales techniques. Buyers expect their account manager to work as partners who understand their business needs and will work as trusted advisors to help them achieve results. This requires salespeople to actively listen, analyze, problem solve, and question while being authentic and developing trust.

While Sales Essentials addresses the sales process, smartSALES provides participants with the fundamental communication skills that foster long-term relationships. It creates a shift in mind-set from selling to helping clients buy, a process built on understanding the client’s needs and working with them to identify the best solution.

Sales Excellence equips participants with the skills to achieve their targets through an approach that values long-term relationships, dramatically improving the return-on-investment that you obtain for your sales training dollars.


Day 1 – Defining Who You Are in the Relationship Economy

  • The benefits and disadvantages of your communication style
  • The foundation of the interactive process – rules that create effective communication
  • The concept of relationship-building
  • The correct way to approach a variety of personalities and generations
  • Shaping and influencing focused objectives – how to zero in to get the outcome you want

Day 2 – The Correct Way to Plan Your Approach to Maximize Your Sales

  • Triangle of Relationship Selling
  • 4 Components to Building Trust
  • Creating value while developing trust
  • Stop selling, Start helping clients make buying decisions
  • Reading the right signs – what is said and what is meant
  • Situational Role Plays