Welcome to the app-terlife

You may’ve already bought your agenda for this year, but does it take you all the way to #lifeafterdeath? Afterlife planning… is there even an app for that?

In fact, there’s a whole new category of apps for planners whose attention to detail is larger than life – literally. Apps like Everest, Cake and SafeBeyond treat death like any other life event deserving of planning and celebration.

Baby Boomers and Millennials alike are adopting afterlife apps. Like an extension of your will, these apps go beyond physical assets to allow users to manage and maintain their digital assets, which could look like anything from designing living wills and funeral planning to multi-media memorials and post-mortem message scheduling.

Here’s our rundown of three popular post-mortem picks:

Everest calls itself a “funeral planning and concierge service” and boasts 24/7 advisor assistance and a step-by-step process for designing and storing end-of-life wishes in a secure data warehouse. Proprietary tools like PriceFinderSM allow users to price shop funeral homes and TenzingTM stores personal data in a secure, cloud-based vault.

Cake’s USP is the “Cake Card” deck, which uses Y/N questions to distill user’s wishes in the areas of health, legal and financial, funeral and memorial plans and legacy. Simple statements like “I have a healthcare proxy” and a save work in progress function allow users to go as deep or shallow as they want in any single session.

SafeBeyond bills itself as a “Digital Time Capsule” and serves as a digital legacy planner. The best part: users can schedule to send post-mortem messages. Those with serious #FOMO can be present, at least in spirit, on their loved ones’ special events, surprise them with a message when they reach a specific location, or plan a social media farewell message.

While not as uplifting as party planning apps, death apps can uplift those around you while ensuring that your digital will be done. #afterlife #afterparty #lifeafterdeath

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