While “great” customer service remains the buzz phrase in business today – great is only great when customers are willing and able to remark upon it. When customers experience service that is “remark”able – that is an experience that distinguishes you from your competition.

“Remarkable” also sets a lofty target for staff to aim for in all of their interactions with both internal and external customers. It awakens a culture of constant and never-ending improvement.
This powerful course has been designed for service professionals looking to improve their clients’ experience and, ultimately, their organization’s bottom line.

Through this program, participants will gain insight into how to adjust their approach to connect with their clients and the process that allows for creating remarkable service experiences in every interaction.


Day 1 – Building a REMARKABLE Service Culture

  • Principles of a remarkable service culture
  • Discovering who you are
  • The benefits and disadvantages of your communication style
  • Why give REMARKABLE service
  • The 3 steps to REMARKABLE service
  • “Going the extra mile”

Day 2 – It’s all in the “ENGAGEMENT”

  • 5 steps to effectively handling customer complaints
  • Tracking customer experiences
  • The “WOW” factor of customer service
  • Becoming a partner in the solution
  • Managing the outcome
  • Making the right decisions